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SecureFLO understands risk and the way to remediate using technology.

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Phishing Response and Training

An effective strategy in managing phishing is the use of technology with the ability to provide continuous training. Prevention is not enough, it needs to be balanced with awareness and detection and cure. Phishing training and response are focussed on your email server only. We provide this for Microsoft Outlook and G Suite email servers.

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

What does GRC mean in terms of services ? We offer Risk Assessments, Policy and Procedure review, and development (Governance), Reporting of Gaps/Risks (POAM, SOC2, etc), Continuous Compliance (assess the changes in business process and data flows). SecureFLO will focus on a risk-based approach to information security while helping you meet compliance requirements.

Secure Desktop as a Service (Daas)

A brilliant service protecting your enterprise from penalties due to the loss or theft of personally identifiable information, electronic patient health records, and intellectual property– not to mention the brand reputational damage resulting from the unauthorized copying of data to removable devices (USB) and/or the loss of a laptops by a mobile/remote workforce. Untether your mobile workforce, but not their desktops.

Threat Analytics/ SIEM Services

With the proactive monitoring of IT server, network and application logs, SecureFLO’s threat analytics will detect threats and attacks, from both the hacker and insider threats, in real time. Proactive incident response processes to mitigate a data breach are launched when intrusions happen. The forensic analysis provides valuable and actionable insights into past user activity and resource usage.

Vulnerability Assessment/ Penetration Testing

Strong Cyber defenses are a direct result of removing weaknesses in IT networks and computing resources. Vulnerability assessments detect weaknesses in server operating systems and applications: web servers, application servers, remote access, and databases. Penetration testing reveals misconfigurations of access controls: the attacker’s entry point. Implementing remediation measures, based on these findings, can sharply reduce the attack surface for enterprise IT.

Malware/ Ransomware/ WAF/ DDOS

We provide you the ability to scan for malware on servers and desktops. That malware might be ransomware in some cases. Additionally, we provide a web application firewall for your website or your storefront with sensitive data flows. We will also provide you with a tool to prevent your storefront data flow to be disrupted by a distributed denial of service attack.

Secure Operations/DevOps

With the rapid movement of application code from development to QA to production on Cloud servers, SecureFLO’s secure DevOps offering ensures that security is baked-in and not bolted on. With its suite of automated testing for security assurance, the integration of continuous integration and continuous deployment extensions, and continuous monitoring, Cybersecurity is not being shortchanged in an environment where constant change is the norm.

Cyber Breach Insurance

Recover from the devastating aftershocks of a data breach with SecureFLO’s insurance. Our Cyber breach insurance offering has reputable firms as the underwriters. Be it the loss of personally identifiable information or electronic patient health information, the laws and regulations require expensive disclosure and actions. Reputational and brand damage will follow. With coverage for errors and omissions, extortion, notifications, and business income, your company will be left still standing after a breach.

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senior whole health

Senior Whole Health

Partners Healthcare Services

Newton Wellesley Hospital

Neon Therapeutics

McLean Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital

Mass Mutual Insurance

JJ Keller

Hallmark Health

Chemours Chemical

Broad Institute

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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