What is Your Privacy Data Wrangling Lasso Made From?

May 14, 2018




What is Your Privacy Data Wrangling Lasso Made From?

Information that contains privacy data is scattered far and wide in your enterprise network. Corralling all of this privacy data from disparate locations– enterprise desktops, laptops and from shared locations– is a big challenge.

Here are some common and uncommon locations:

  • File systems are a pack rat’s heaven. Files accumulate over long periods of time. Do we really know how personal data—be it of customers or employees— is being stored on these servers?
  • Big data platforms—These platforms have a voracious appetite for data both structured and unstructured. Did we realize that social security numbers were being ingested, too?
  • We share information with our business associates both formally and informally (email). Has data governed by regulations such as HIPAA been shared?
  • I plan to complete the work on the employee spreadsheet over the weekend, so let me upload it to the Cloud drive that is registered to my personal email account.

And there could be more avenues for information walking out of safe, protected zones.

The graphic below focuses on four potential locations where privacy data can hide in plain sight.

privacy data




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