An Insight on Information Security Industry with our founder Jyotin Gambhir

An Insight on Information Security Industry with our founder Jyotin Gambhir

Today, we are going to discuss the Information security industry with none other than SecureFLO’s founder Jyotin Gambhir.Information Security

So before we start we would like to share some information about him and his journey so far as an Information security expert.

Originally from India, Jyotin started his professional career as a sales engineer for an Israeli startup. Over those many years in security, I have worked within professional services for companies like BMC Software, Tivoli and Deloitte. I have also worked in a fast moving sales engineering role within startups. The technology space and, more specifically security, has changed. Today, all businesses rely on data and technology no matter the size. So there is a greater need for the small to medium sized business to focus on Information security and risk. At SecureFLO, we look to bring the discipline and process from enterprise sized businesses to the small and medium sized business. In the age of the cloud, we believe that security can be delivered to the SMB space using the cloud. We are not looking to overpromise and underdeliver, because our approach is measured and backed by standards.


How SecureFLO started?

SecureFLO was an idea to provide Information security consulting services at a reasonable cost that would be focused on business use cases. As I worked with both large and small security vendors and consulting firms, there was too much focus on the technology and not as much on the business process. SecureFLO has now merged into a security as a service company. We feel that too many security products, as they currently exist, are left on the shelf and not used. Also, security skills are in short supply in most businesses. We think the best way to approach security today is with a risk-based approach. Companies can see a better return on their investment in security by using a managed service company that deploys tools based on risk in the cloud



How is SecureFLO different from other Information Security as a Service Companies?

Today in the security industry, we have many point solutions. For enterprise clients, there are many security solutions that they purchase which never get implemented. The one primary reason seems to be skilled resources to deploy, integrate, and maintain those solutions. Our experience at SecureFLO has been to develop a process that understands business use cases. We first develop an advisory role with our client that focuses on the business problems that need to be solved. We then work with the client to develop a plan that understands the risks and/or gaps in their process and technology. We then work with the client to address these gaps with their people, processes and technology. At SecureFLO, we understand that each case is unique, and thus do not believe in a one-size-fits-all model. Cyber Security follows the changes in culture and thus requires more than tools. You need to make your employees and customers aware. SecureFLO believes in a Listen, Learn, and Innovate model of business for cybersecurity.

SecureFLO knows the importance of technology but weighs it based on risk. SecureFLO has partnered up with various companies to provide security solutions and services to address your needs. We are Security as a service company (SECaaS)


Present condition of Information security industry

According to Gartner research, worldwide cybersecurity spending will reach $96 billion in 2018. So, it is understandable that people are taking privacy and data risk very seriously. The industry is growing and businesses are looking for innovative solutions to prevent attacks and data breaches. There is increased pressure from the EU for compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR. This change is going to force many organizations to change their business processes. This will create more opportunities for information security service providers in the coming years.


The myth about Data risk and security as a small medium sized business owner

In the SMB market, the most common myth about data risk and security is “My business is too small to get affected”. This belief is very common. The reality is, the smaller the business, the higher the risk of going out of business due to a data breach or cyber attack. As a business owner in the age of data and new technology, you are at higher risk. SecureFLO is here to be your Information Security partner by providing holistic services that start with understanding business use cases and risk to data.



Do we need a designated Information Security partner?

Not every company has an unlimited budget to secure and protect data. In the age of fast moving data, you need to have an understanding of risk and controls to manage it. No matter how small your company is, you need to understand your data lifecycle and document protections for sensitive data. From a sensitive data perspective, you have PII, ePHI, SS#, CC#, IP, and others that are heavily regulated. A failure to protect this information might put you out of the business.

SecureFLO is your Information Security as a Service partner. We will help your organization with protecting data, starting with a current state assessment. We will then help you establish good governance in your business. After all, data security and cyber hygiene start with good governance. We will help provide you a risk based methodology for your organization.


Advice for other consultants out there

As a trusted advisor to your clients, understand the business use case process and provide an overall plan. Provide good processes that are documented and follow standards like NIST, ISO, and CIS as a recommended way to manage an organization’s risk.

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