What is the Dark Web and Why You Should Care

If I say the words Dark Web, it may conjure up images from the movie Hackers or the Guy Fawkes mask used by the group Anonymous. You may think of it as this otherworldly cyberland where people in hoodies hunker over keyboards, bringing down governments and stock markets. It’s the stuff of myth and movies. And this is where you make the mistake of imagining it is far removed from your business. I want to help you understand what the Dark Web actually is and why you should care.

dark web and business cybersecurity

What is the Dark Web?

Unlike what the movies try to portray, the Dark Web is actually a section of the world wide web that allows users to remain anonymous due to special software, like the Tor browser. It is the deepest part of the web, the unseen bottom of the iceberg. Using special software allows users, both benign and malicious, to access the internet while hiding their identity and location. And while the Dark Web can provide safety to journalists and activists in strict countries, it is also the haven of criminals and illegal activity. In fact, 50% of websites on the Dark Web are used for criminal activity.

Let me be clear, this is different from the Deep Web. The Deep Web is data, internal copies of web pages and content that may require an access code. Almost every site probably has some data that would be considered Deep Web. The Dark Web, on the other hand, is a much smaller, and much riskier, part of the Deep Web.

Why You Should Care

The Dark Web is surprisingly easy to access on any computer or system. This goes beyond an employee accessing potential malicious software by accident. The average person can easily obtain intrusion software and enact hacks on your system, stealing data to then exploit or sale.

Then the amatuer hacker returns to the Dark Web to sell the data they have acquired.. Stolen identities, health information, stolen credentials, or even birth certificates can be sold on the Dark Web.

In this scenario, because of the encrypted and anonymous nature of the Dark Web, you wouldn’t even see the attack coming. Your data would be gone before you knew what was happening. And there is no single security solution that will protect from these attacks!

Handling this type of risk really needs managed IT professionals as well as comprehensive professional consulting to determine your risk and what kind of protocols will minimize that risk.

SecureFLO can help!

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